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Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessments at Army Reserve Centers/USACE/SIA Solutions

Our team conducted five Phase II Site Investigations at the ARCs based on the Recognized Environmental Conditions identified in the ECP report. These conditions were related to the storage and use of petroleum and hazardous materials during military vehicle maintenance activities.

To properly assess the presence of contaminants, we conducted subsurface soil and groundwater sampling, followed by laboratory analysis for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-VOCs (SVOCs), Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPHs), PCBs, RCRA Metals, and pesticides and herbicides. Prior to the investigation, we developed a project-specific work plan, quality control plan, and health and safety plan to ensure the success of the project.

Our field activities included utility clearance, underground storage tank investigations through minimally invasive air knifing, soil coring, screening, and sampling, followed by laboratory analysis. We evaluated the analytical data in accordance with state soil and groundwater cleanup standards and prepared a comprehensive report detailing our findings.

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