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Harris County Engineering Department/Bridge Construction/SWPPP

Our team successfully completed a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) for the construction of a bridge over Cypress Creek in Harris County, TX. This plan was designed to comply with the guidelines set forth by the TCEQ and Harris County Engineering Department and adhere to the Texas Water Code and Clean Water Act requirements. The proposed 1,800-foot-long bridge, located east of the Blackhorse Golf Club and west of Houston Hot Wells, TX, will span over the Cypress Creek floodplain and include two 12-foot lanes, a 6-foot sidewalk, a 2-foot median curb, and a combination traffic/pedestrian rail. A portion of the bridge will also lie within the Cypress Creek floodplain defined as wetlands.

The SWP3 considered potential pollutants and sources of pollution associated with the construction project, including soil disturbance, vehicle and equipment maintenance, material storage, and concrete truck washout areas. The plan included best management practices, permanent and temporary stormwater controls, and preventive measures to minimize pollution. Our team also provided clear implementation, maintenance, and inspection forms and outlined the responsibilities of all operators involved in the project. With our detailed and comprehensive plan in place, the construction of this bridge will be executed in an environmentally responsible manner.

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